About Us


Greenoak International School Port Harcourt is an International School. GIS has a total population of over 630 highly motivated students. Greenoak admits children aged 5 years to 16 years from various corners of the globe. The school operates a hybrid curriculum consisting of the innovative International Primary Curriculum (IPC), British/American Curricula and the Nigerian curriculum. This provides a balanced education aimed at producing truly intelligent, skilful, motivated, confident and morally sound children.

GIS Primary was founded in September 2004 while GIS Secondary was founded in 2008 by two experienced educationists whose children all studied abroad.  Their vision was fueled by a desire to create a world class international school. GIS accepts children of all beliefs with decent values.

The Managing Director co-ordinates the affairs of GIS. The Principal is charge of the day-to-day running of the schools. The Head of  Administration and the Academic head are empowered to run their respective areas of duties while an Advisory Committee provides support and ideas to aid GIS’s progress. The Board of GIS formulates policies for the well-being of the school. Currently, 25% of the children in GIS are expatriates while the remaining 75% are Nigerians.

GIS  Campuses are situated on an adequate area of land in the GRA environment of Port Harcourt.  There are well-furnished classrooms, laboratories, outdoor farms and a fish pond. Other facilities include a multi-purpose hall, libraries, a  musical orchestra, an impressive Home Economics studio, Science laboratories, Zoological pond, Sports ground, an Infirmary, an Arts and Crafts studio and an ICT suite.

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