Principal’s Message

Who is Greenoak International School?

We are Greenoak.

There are schools much larger in student numbers than Greenoak.  We are, in all Grades, an accomplished gathering of students both our Junior Secondary and our Senior Secondary.  We have won several national competitions and prizes annually, and we are rival to any school anywhere.  Most recently we sent two teams to Lagos to compete Nationally for the AISEN Sciences competition in the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Our Junior students team placed second Nationally being beaten by only a single point.  The Senior Secondary earned the first position Nationally.   These past few years our students have all left a mark on what is possible with excellent international education in Nigeria.  Our students, in whom we are rightfully pleased, have continued to set standards and traditions that will serve themselves and the school well into the future.

Greenoak students are going to be the leaders of the future; they are on a trajectory to all eventually leave GIS and continue their education at internationally known universities. Many students are seeking to go to universities in distant countries.  I am certain they will meet new people of different cultures and customs.  These people too will have big dreams and their ideas. Our students have earned their confidence in who they are as people and will hold true to themselves and what their family expects.   Yes, there may be some awkward moments; however, there is no reason anyone from Greenoak needs to be intimidated.  Our students are imbued with a world class education which can never be taken from them.  Ours are the best of students and in this, we can humbly be proud.

How do I know this?  Yes, we have accomplishments and awards.  But more that the interview committee and I have met with more than 150 parents who have sought admission for their children these past six months.  These parents wish to have their children follow in the footsteps of the Greenoak Students.  What we deliver and our Greenoak students have experienced is an international hybrid curriculum melding the best curricula from around the world.  When we ask these same parents why they would like their child to attend GIS there is a standard piece of knowledge these parents have about us; plainly stated, “GIS is the best.”   That’s a very humbling assessment to hear, and it is a tough standard to ascribe to as well.  But that, the desire to succeed and grow and learn, is what the outside world sees in the students of Greenoak International School.

From the outside, Greenoak International School is just a school.  But it is a school like few others.  It is a school which always remembers the reason the school is here.   So that our students, can become the best person any school can help grow, shape and graduate from anywhere, at any time.

To those thinking to join us, I wish you Godspeed.

Yours sincerely

Bruce Clapp